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We have some new projects in the works. We shall let you guys know when they are complete. Thanks :+


Sorry we haven’t posted anything in a while. The last few times we put stuff up they were taken down pretty much immediately. Including the knits that were on private property. But were back! Just got in from installing a bunch of new pieces. It will be taken down within a few days, no doubt about it. Were pretty certain that the “anti-knitters” live right across the street from the park. So if you want to see them we suggest going to the Strawberry Festival. Stop by enjoy the strawberries and take a look at our stuff!!!!

thank you to everyone who has been donating yarn and other supplies to us.

we were mentioned at Bait & Swish last night!! pretty funny!!

So someone took everything down again. Thanks again to whoever [one or more] for ruining something that is actually good for the town. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

what a beautiful day!

there are way too many requests coming in lately. people just aren’t being reasonable and we just don’t have time to knit them all. besides the fact that it isn’t why we started doing this.

we have jobs and lives, and we were doing this for fun. it’s neat that people are saying it’s okay to knit on their property, but lately it’s becoming more of a “knit here. now.” thing.

if we find a good spot, we’ll knit there. 

if you’d like to commission us to put our artwork at your home/business feel free to contact us and work out a time, and other details, but please stop demanding that we knit all over town. 

it was so! rainy tonight, but we went out anyway.

we’re soaking wet, and so are our knits.

went out tonight to make sure our new project will fit.

it needed a tiny adjustment! but now it’s perfect. can’t wait to see it finished!



new article in press of atlantic city

We’ve had so many requests for projects lately..I’m not even sure what to knit.

I’m torn between several different spots. Today I was walking & I saw a sign on someone’s house that said “we love the midnight knitters, you rock!”. Maybe we should figure out something for their house first.

Yarn donations have been pouring in, and we’ve all been so busy answering emails and comments. I think we need to sit around, drink some tea and work out some new project ideas and get back to just knitting. 

Heres the deal.

We were not the ones that took down all the knits in the park, and the mayor said it wasn’t officials so… that only leaves some seriously angry citizens. But we will not let them win. We shall knit on!